Monday, 3 June 2013

The Truth....

I have been told 'time heals all wounds' but to be honest I don't believe that. I guess even if most wounds are healed they end up leaving you with scars which hurt whenever you think about it.

On this date a year ago I lost one of the best people in my life and 365 days later it still feels like a nightmare I'm yet to wake up from. The most painful part of this all is that it's not a nightmare it is my reality.. I'm not gonna open the door and see that beautiful smile or re-live all the best moments we had...</3</3

 One year and yes a hole in my heart is empty and can never be filled, I may put a smile and act like everything is ok but honestly I'm hurting, I can't and have not moved on and I doubt that will happen soon. 

All I have left are memories and pictures that I will cherish till my last breathe. I miss you soo much and will keep praying for you. Allah ya jikan ki ya maki rahama kuma ya haska kabarin ki. Ameen ya rabbi. We will meet in Jannah in sha Allah!! 

03-06-12 </3:(:'(