Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Choosing Happy..

Some people tend to believe that depression is a choice and that your mental health isn’t an important factor in achieving happiness.

That mentality kills our society; it is okay to have moods but is depression the same as joy or even sadness?
'Just snap out of it, and pray on it' because apparently we are choosing not to have 100% sanity, let's be honest is anybody fully sane?

‘Why are you choosing to be depressed? You have everything so you have no reason to be’. I didn't realize happiness was engrossed with having things. If there was a switch I'm sure the world would be depression free.

'Time heals all wounds' I was told when you lose someone you will be fine but funny enough I'm still depressed; so what happened to being fine? I guess I'm too impatient to wait on time to perform its magic.
Four and a half years later and facades have become the norm. We know everybody's going to die but does that make it hurt any less? 
'You choose to be depressed, you could have stopped it from happening', but does depression give you notice before it shows up? Did I miss the signs? Did I not foresee the trigger? Or maybe I am living the dream or a painfully orchestrated nightmare!
But in all fairness, if you have never been through the pain of death or experienced depression or any form of mental health issue I should not expect you to comprehend any of it.

Just because you don't, doesn't mean you should make it seem like it is my fault that I am this way.
Ignorance is bliss, especially with when it comes to mental health.
Remember that if you suffer, there's nothing wrong with you, striving to be perfect is redundant because humans are flawed.
Anxiety, depression or whatever is 'wrong' with you, never forget your happiness is essential!
If you think no one cares, remember, I do!
Find serenity in solitude and in congregation.

But I have one question, does it ever disappear, do I numb it or is it going to be an adamant aspect of who I am or best yet who I become?