Friday, 30 January 2015

Quotes of the Month!

"Doing what you love is happiness, 
  liking what you do is freedom."

"Live simply. 
Dream big. 
Be Grateful.
Give love.
Laugh lots." 
 Paulo Coelho

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


For someone who is always on tumblr, I see a lot of quotes and relate to them. Some might say my life is based on quotes and because of that I have decided that at the end of every month I will post my 'Quote(s) of the month' to share with you the one I have been loving that month. Hope you like it! x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Chasing Dreams!!

We are all dreamers, in my world I believe there's no point of living without having dreams to chase. Someone once said to me "If your dreams don't fear you you aren't dreaming big enough", those words have stuck with me over the years and thinking about it now that person was 100% right. Here are a few ways to chase your dreams and make them a reality:

Be Patient
Rushing to make your dreams a reality is never good. A lot of people would want success but
I don't really believe in miracles, I like to believe if you work hard enough you can achieve whateveryou set your mind to. All good things take time and you need to work for it. 'Patience is a virtue!'

Never Give Up
Giving Up shouldn't be a part of your life. Yes, a dream could take a while but atleast you are attempting to chase it and hopefully making progress. As someone who dreams big, I have a lot of those dreams that I'm chasing, none have become my reality but I'm hoping they do someday. I don't care how long it will take but I'm never giving up on them. The only time you should give up or let go is when you realise that dream isn't for you but to be honest if you believe you can achieve it, it is for you!!

Believe in Yourself
There's no way you are going to succeed if you don't believe in yourself. When chasing your dreams you have to first believe you are capable of achieving it which means never underestimating yourself. I know that's quite hard but it's worth it. Don't count on people to believe in you and support you although that helps sometimes. If you believe in yourself, you will have abundant happiness.
Dream  + Believe + Effort + Happiness = Success 

Take risks
Taking small steps when chasing your dreams is always good but sometimes it's good take risks, you could even overcome some fears along the way. A few months ago, I took a risk to go for a photoshoot: I know this has nothing to do with chasing dreams but I enjoyed it and wondered why I kept putting off taking that risk. To succeed in life you need to make many decisions and take risks. So start taking risks today and see if your life will change!! 'Life begins outside of your comfort zone.'

Like I always say to my self 'If you can dream it, it's worth chasing.' Some people aren't worth being chased, dreams are! Dreams do come true but they take time so be patient and who knows? All your dreams could be your reality. xx

Friday, 9 January 2015


What is happiness?? To be perfectly honest the definition differs by person.. What makes you happy may be someone else's misery. Like the saying goes "Happiness is a mood not a destination". You don't always have to be happy (but it's healthier to be), it's fine to be sad and have other moods once in a while... you are only human after all. Over the years of my life I have tried to be as happy as I could be though I doubt anyone can ever be 100% happy. Here are some tips to live a happier life than you already are :

  • Work hard but don't take life too seriously (everything happens for a reason).
  • Laugh a little, best when you are in pain (it makes it slightly better, atleast in my case!).
  • Don't try to be something/someone you are not.
  • Never compare yourself with others.. We are all different.
  • Do what makes you happy..."Doing what you love is happiness, liking what you do is freedom."
  • Free yourself from negativity.
  • Increase positivity in your life.
  • Be honest in any situation.
  • Don't dwell on the past... Move on!!
  • Don't base your happiness on money or success... "Sometimes happiness doesn't come from money, fame or power.. Sometimes it comes from friends and family or the quiet nobility of leading a good life."
  • Stop caring about what people think of you... Not every opinion is worth listening to.
  • Chase dreams not people.
  • Cherish memories.
  • Forgive often.
  • Let go of fears,excuses,attachments and expectations.
  • Let go of the need to impress others.
  • Don't worry about things you can't change.
  • Live simply.
  • Avoid regrets.
  • Appreciate and give more.
  • Stay real and humble.
You are in charge of your happiness don't let anyone take that away. Life is too short to worry too much and be unhappy... Life is not a competition, once you find happiness hold on to it!!! Live life to the best of your abilities!! xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Circus Vegas!!

Before 2014 ended I got to see the famous Circus Vegas in Stratford, London. This was my first time at a circus and I enjoyed it!!

The show started with Captain Munoz being shot out of a cannon and the Vegas show girls dancing. The vegas show girls put on a show about five times.. Other acts such as the crazy clowns who did multiple acts like being romantic to a woman from the audience, hula hooping with 3 kids from the audience, piggy backing a man, a taxi driver and passenger act and more. A juggler who was quite entertaining. Two wheelers  who wheeled in circles (in a giant wheel) and also walked on a thin wire. Mr Smith who kept doing flips on a trampoline and the closing with  a man dressed as Elvis Presley sang and all the acts came out carrying Circus Vegas flags. I wouldn't mind attending more circuses after this. Enjoy xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Progress In Life

Everyone one lives life hoping and wishing of being the best of what/who they can be. The only problem is they don't realise that in order to progress in life there are changes you need to make.These changes could be giving up on people, yes I know it means losing friends but I believe having too many friends is always a bad idea and once you have one good loyal friend in life you are good. I'm not saying I'm an expert in life or progress but I know I'm a dreamer and quite ambitious. I think people need to start asking themselves 'Who do they want to be?', 'Who will help and support them while they chase their dreams?', 'Who will be there for them no matter what?' and more questions like that. In my case I want to be wealthy not just rich, I want to be able to look back at my life a be able to say I did something right to end up where I am. Most people in the world want to be rich and famous, but a lot don't want to work for it rather it should be handed to them and I'm certain life doesn't work like that. I don't believe in New Year Resolutions because you can make them at any point of the year not just at the beginning but since it's 2015 I'm sure we all have dreams we want to make our reality, let's make those changes today, set goals and start chasing those dreams. You might be shocked by how quick they become your reality.....

Happy New Year 2015!!!