Sunday, 31 July 2016

#19: Quotes of the month!!

“Weird is the side effect of awesome.”

“What matters is to be,not to have.”
Diana Von Frustenberg

“Fashion is the amor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
Bill Cunningham

“Everyone sucks before they get kinda good at something”

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
Kurt Cobain

“Impossible isn’t real. It is just an illusion that could lead to self doubt!”

Saturday, 16 July 2016

2016: Albums of the Year: Part 2!!

Here's the second set of albums I have been enjoying in no particular ranking order. Xx

ASAP Ferg - Always Strive and Prosper
After 'Shabba Ranks' I wrote off Ferg so I never listened to his first album, Trap Lord. 'Let it Bang' ft Schoolboy Q was the first song I heard and I actually became excited for the album and honestly I wasn't disappointed. Album has amazing features, track list and stories about his life, not just as ASAP Ferg but also as Darold. And lots of wise words from the Hood Pope aka the Trap Lord..

Ron Gilmore - The Maturation of Little Ron
I was quite excited for this album as I wanted to hear not only the production but what the known Dreamville producer had to offer lyrically and to be honest I was impressed! He barely had any verses himself but had writing credits and features. 'The World' ft Emoni and 'Cash Rules' ft Cody Macc are my favourites!

Jon Bellion - The Human Condition
I found out who Jon was when I kept seeing tweets about this project, so I listened to a few songs onYouTube and I was obsessed🙈. From the first track the album is completely relatable, on first listen I gave it an 8 out of 10 and of course I had it on repeat. The album has great lyrics, great instrumentals & an awesome mix of genres and melodies. 'Woke the fuck Up' and'Fashion' are my favourite tracks. For most people it might be one of those albums that will grow on them but it was love at first listen for me. Can't wait for more music from him.

Beyoncé - Lemonade
As someone who is not a Beyhive member, this is the best BeyoncĂ© album ever. The shocking honesty is what I love about it the most and it explains 'the elevator incident' with Solange. It talks about Jay's infidelity, feminism and some more life stories (well you can call them that). To be honest when 'Formation' came out I didn't like it one bit but many listens later it has grown on me. On the low, the pro-feminism songs are quite motivational or maybe it's just me. '6inch' ft The Weeknd is my favourite song!! My questions for this album are: 'Is this just an album for those who experience/experienced infidelity in a relationship? '& 'Did Jay really cheat on her or is this just a story to make more money from?'

Skepta - Konnichiwa
Probably his best work ever, it fits in the grime category but not fully grime (atleast that's how it sounds to me). It talks about his life, mandem ish and society issues, with blatant lyrics that people can understand it (that's one of the things I love about Skepta); also one of the most lyrical albums out so far. He has features from a lot of the grime artist like his brother JME, Wiley and more and also Pharrell on 'Numbers', 'Shutdown' is probably my most played track! I think this project opens the door not only for Skepta worldwide but for grime as a genre too. If you aren't a Skepta fan or on the bandwagon, hop one soonest!!

Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book
Probably my favourite project out right now! My friend put me on Chance years ago, after the first song I was hooked. I was quite excited for this and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, I'm rarely wrong. No matter how my mood is, whenever I play this album I instantly get happier because of how good it is. It's has a mixture of gospel and hiphop vibe with features from the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Tpain, Lil Wayne and more. I can't pick a favourite track but I think my most played are 'All We Got' ft Kanye and Chicago Children's choir, 'All Night' ft Knox Fortune, 'Same Drugs', 'Juke Jam' ft Justin Bieber and Towkio and'Blessings Reprise'. It can be compared to many iconic projects released in music history though it defies hip hop norms. Also this project is free and deserves a Grammy!

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman 
Ever since 'Bang Bang' I have been waiting to see her go 'bad girl' and it took forever but it was worth the wait. Vocally Ariana has one of the greatest voices out there, her control and delivery is absolute perfection; so as expected vocals were on fleek lol. The project has a lot of flirty, love and 'growing up' songs, I guess trying to show a matured adult side of her which she does pretty well (no she's not just the ponytail, former Nickelodeon actress & innocent looking lady. Lool).'Everyday' ft Future which surprisingly doesn't sound trap gladly is one of my favourites and along with 'Side to Side' ft Nicki Minaj!

What albums have you been listening to?

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