Saturday, 4 March 2017

23 things I learnt from being 23

I'm trying to makes this a yearly thing with hopes I can keep it up...

  1. You are your happiness
  2. Self doubt and comparison will be your downfall 
  3. Take risks
  4. Impossible is not real
  5. Do what you love as often as you can
  6. Timing is everything
  7. It's ok to be different 
  8. Don't let anyone kill your dreams
  9. Create your opportunities, if there aren't any!
  10. Believe in your ideas
  11. It's ok to be unhappy 
  12. Don't give negativity power over you
  13. Don't dwell on things you can't change
  14. Anticipate the future whether good or bad
  15. Embrace & learn from the present
  16. Cherish moments and memories
  17. What you see in people is a reflection of you
  18. Never Limit yourself
  19. Never stop dreaming
  20. Change is ok
  21. Self love & reliance will increase your happiness 
  22. Negativity will always overshadow positivity. So focus on the positive!
  23. Never give up on your goals

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

#25: Quotes of the month!!

“Sometimes you gotta let it go just to make it possible.”
Alicia Keys

“Success is nothing if you have no one there to share it with.”
Ed Sheeran

“Keep working hard and you can get everything you want.”

“The beauty of life, the pain never lasts”
J Cole

“During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.”
Tupac Shakur

“You have to keep your vision clear, cause only a coward lives in fear.”


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Put You First!!

At the turn of the year as with previous years, it is expected that we will hear about New Year’s resolutions and people changing to improve themselves and so on.
From a non-judgmental standpoint, this year I believe self-focus and self-love should be the theme for everyone. Take a step back and enjoy life. It is acceptable to be selfish once in a while. You alone are responsible for your happiness. Life may throw us curveballs but it is up to us to ensure that we are comfortable and don’t just accept disappointments. 

We ALWAYS have a choice in life and often, we find ourselves prioritizing money (job) over things which genuinely bring us happiness. Sometimes, we even prioritize these things over our own health.

Goals and aspirations come into play as well regarding personal happiness as sometimes our goals overlap between happiness/money so it causes an internal battle.

The first priority should always be your health. Take care of your body and mind. Good diets, rest and exercise.
Secondly, spend time with your loved ones and friends.
Thirdly, I would suggest to everyone that they should partake in heartwarming activities which bring happiness. Travel more, go on trips with loved ones and take part in loving activities.
Sometimes external things need to take the back seat in order to please yourself. Selfishness is sometimes worth it. 

At the end of this all, I think that we should ensure that we know what makes us happy to allow us to have prosperous and joyful 2017.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

#24: Quotes of the month!!

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius

Strength. Style.
That makes beauty.”
Diane Von Frustenberg

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

“If hate is poison then love’s the cure.”
The Script

“To a great mind, nothing is little.”
Sherlock Holmes

“When you embrace all your flaws, then will your beauty be seen by everyone!”


Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016: Albums of the Year: Part 4!!

This year was a great year for music, here's the last set of albums. Incase you missed 1, 2 & 3. Enjoy xx

J Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only
Like every Jermaine album I was excited for this as it was sorta unexpected and the documentary 'Eyez' made it even more anticipated. This album to me is a story of his friend's life but also relates to his own life. I feel like the album tells a story in someone else's perspective rather than Cole's (well some of the album). The project talks a lot about death, fatherhood, marriage, crime and more. The album mentions a bit about his mental state where he wanted to give up on life (on 2014 FHD he mentioned how he was unhappy), him falling in love, the death of his friend, a real life story of a SWAT team showing up at a house where the album was partly recorded named Sheltuh on 'Neighbours', him 'Foldin Clothes' for his wife and then to 'She's mine pt 2' where he talks about his daughter and showcases his joy and love. The last song is seemed a letter for his daughter apologising in advance  if the fame got him and he lost his life and also to his friend's daughter to remember her dad as he is no more. As always the production, lyricism and delivery is on point though I did hope for at least one feature. Cole lived on to share his friend's story and despite it not being a typical Cole album it still passes as a confirmed classic!

Post Malone - Stoney
Someone once told me to listen to 'White Iverson' and from then on I became a fan of Post and wanted an album. To be very honest, his mixtape August 26th was below expectations but I did like 'Money Made Me Do It' ft 2chainz, this made me not really excited for the album. After the first listen I was impressed with the vibe and production the album exhibited. My favourite track is'Congratulations' ft Quavo (ps I think Quavo does a great job on features). Overall the album has that party/trap vibe with pretty great catchy hooks. 

Shawn Mendes - Illuminate
Whether he is needing 'Stitches' or making'No Promises', Shawn has proven that he can sing his heart out and will probably give you his heart while he's at it 😊. Illuminate is an amazing album with stories about love, heartbreak and life after heartbreak. For someone like me who can't really relate the beats and lyricism are soothing and make me imagine a world whenever perfection is a reality. 'Mercy' & 'Treat Me Better' are my most played.  If you are going through it, listen! Shawn might create a soothing illusion of a perfect love story for you!

Kid Cudi - Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'
Kid Cudi aka The Chosen is one of the best creative minds in music we will probably ever get to hear. That being said, he hasn't made an album I have vibed with since Man on the moon II: The Legend of Mr. RagerIndicud was just an ok album and Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven sounds like a futuristic album, so I will let you know if it has grown on me in a few years lol! Although, this project is like 40% humming (he's low-key a professional), it might just be his best album in 6years. With Cudi albums I never look out for lyrics rather I  get excited to hear the production which of course I wasn't disappointed. 'Rose Golden' ft Willow Smith'Baptized in Fire' ft Travis Scott, 'Does it' and 'By Design' ft Andre 3000 are my favourite tracks. Cudi tells his story; The Story of The Chosen and frankly if you are like me you will get lost in the creativeness and discover your own meaning to the project!

Little Simz - Stillness in Wonderland
I found out about Simbi on Kehlani's song Table, to be honest I haven't paid attention to any British female rappers so I thought 'let's see what she's all about'. This project tells a good story about music and her life with good lyricism and production. 'Doorways + Trust Issues''Shotgun' ft Syd and 'Picture Perfect' are my favourite tracks. With Simbi I took a journey through wonderland and out repeatedly and I enjoyed it every minute of it.

John Legend - Darkness and Light
From the album title I wanted to listen to it to hear the stories. To be honest, I have never really paid attention to John's music, maybe a few songs hear and there because the man can sing (probably top 5 R&B men).  The project has amazing songwriting and production, it starts off with a humble like gospel song 'I Know Better', goes on to a song for his daughter Luna and a love song about a hopeless world (who else can do that?). 'Penthouse' ft Chance the Rapper &'Darkness and Light' ft Brittany Howard are my favourite tracks. This project covers topics like his life, the world we live in today and struggles of being black. John has proven that if you have a voice you can use it to discuss as much issues and whether talking about darkness or light you can still make amazing songs that can showcase your talent and evolution (this isn't a typical John Legend album). As for me I will be looking forward to more of John's work.

Let's see what 2017 has to offer!
What albums have you been listening to?
Have a great New Year!

photos via iTunes!