Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Albums Of The Year: Part 2!!

A few months ago I did a post on albums (Part 1) and I have decided to do a part 2 because more amazing albums came out. So here we go more albums on constant play:

1. Blacc Hollywood - Wiz Khalifa

Ever since he did 'Black and Yellow' and 'Roll up', I became a fan. This has to be him best album so far in my opinion in comparison to Rolling Papers and O.N.I.F.C. 'True Colors' ft Nicki Minaj is my favourite song on it and possibly one the most played songs on my playlist. Wiz Khalifa has never disappointed, so I look forward to more music from him.

2. Souled Out -Jhené Aiko

This was one of those albums that I knew was going to be perfect because let's be honest all her work ('Sailing Out' and 'Sail Out') were. The first few singles I found quite depressing but they grew on me like Sam Smith's album did. I still can't say I have a favourite song because I always find a new favourite after listening to the album again.:) Jhené's voice is incredible and this album is amazing!

3. X - Chris Brown

From the days of 'Yo (Excuse Me Miss)' Breezy has slayed in the music scene. He sings songs that can never be considered overplayed because he's that good. With this album I was excited and at the same time hoping it will be great (simply because I wasn't really a fan of 'Fortune') and my expectation was met. X is an album I can play all day and yes there are a few songs I don't like ('Fine China'). We have seen him do art, sing, dance and rap and it is safe to say he is good at everything he tries. Oh and he's one of the finest men out there!

4. Aquarius - Tinashe

Not much of a fan of any of her mixtapes but I must admit '2 on' ft SchoolBoy Q was one of those overplayed songs that you still love even though you have heard it back to back multiple times. I wasn't really sure the album was going to be good but I had a lot more faith when 'Pretend' ft A$AP Rocky came out (my favourite on the album and one of my most played). It did take me a while to enjoy the whole album but now I can say I like it.

5. Under Pressure- Logic
I didn't know about Logic until this year so I guess I was late but now that I have listened to him I can say he's one of the best lyricists in the industry. He's reminds me of J Cole (probably why I like him). This album is lyrical but to be honest I prefer his mixtape 'Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever' but who knows maybe this album will become one of my favourites.
6. 1989- Taylor Swift
I remember becoming a Taylor when she released her second album 'Fearless' but I lost interest in her on the fourth album 'Red'. I can't explain why but with this album I fell in love with her music again. Although I remember seeing the video of 'Shake it Off' and wondering "What was she thinking?". The song did grow on me but I think this is the best album Taylor has released yet and the best song on it is 'Blank Space'.

That's all the albums I have been listening to constantly this year, I do hope next year has more and better music to offer xx<3

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Forest Hills Drive...

As a day 1 Cole fan I got excited when I found out this album was coming out. After watching the 'documentary' for the album I concluded it was going to be a personal album and I hoped it would be as lyrical as the mixtapes i.e Warm Up and Friday Night Lights. 2014 Forest Hills Drive is a classic album to me. I can't decide a favourite song but if I had to it will be either 'Apparently' or 'Love Yourz'. A week after its release it is possibly the most played album on my phone/computer. I don't want to go into detail of what every song is about but its an album worth listening to. I really hope this album goes platinum because Jermaine deserves it and I hope there's a worldwide tour coming soon (and I get to meet him). Maybe I'm obsessed with Jermaine or it's his music, all I know is I want more personal and lyrical music from him. #ColeWorld #2014ForestHillsDrive!!

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Autumn is my favourite season and since October is almost over it means I have been enjoying it. Here are a few things that make autumn the best season and reasons why I love it:

Leaves- I'm not really an outdoor person unless it's absolutely necessary but in autumn i don't mind going out just to see the beautiful scenery, colourful leaves and hearing the sound of me stepping on the leaves. :)

Candles- All year round candles make me happy but I personally think scented candles in autumn smell better or maybe that's just me. I wouldn't mind staying indoors with lighted candles everywhere all day long.

Sweaters & Oversized Jumpers- Autumn is the beginning of sweater season and I am obsessed with sweaters (I think). The variety of sweaters just give me joy and make me want to shop more. *This is the only season I wear the most colour and oversized items :p*

Layering- I love the idea of covering up with more than one item of clothing and despite the fact that I do this more in winter, I still try to take advantage of layering when it's a bit cold in autumn.

Dark Lipstick.. tbh Dark everything- I love dark colours and I wear them all year round but in fall dark lipsticks just add a perfect completion to your outfit. My favourite is probably Sin by Mac.

Hot chocolate- For someone who doesn't any kind of chocolate but white, I still tend to drink white hot chocolate( though that's mainly milk with high sugar content but who cares). I drink it almost everyday, yes I know that's bad and healthy but I tastes good and it's autumn so *shrug*.

Scarves- Fur, cotton or knitted, whatever the kind they are an essential fashion accessory!!

Boots- Whether they are Timbaland boots,knee high, ankle or any other kind, everyone needs at least one pair of boots in their closet. Autumn is that season with the best boots ( but it doesn't meant you can't wear them all year round).

Cosy Socks- Comfort is key in everyday life and wearing a pair cosy socks is possibly the height of comfort, coupled with a good series, a cosy blanket/duvet and comfort food...

Comfort Food- Being a foodie the comfort foods in autumn make me happy and I get extra excited for mashed potatoes, soups, shepherd's pie and many more.

Staying in bed- I go to school most days so this doesn't happen everyday but come weekends and I'm probably going to be in bed cozied up, watching series/youTube or simply just scrolling on Tumblr ( At the rate I do this is probably unhealthy *shrug* but it wasn't for school i would do it everyday (I can't wait for the holidays). Tbh I think I'm probably just lazy!!

Plaids/Flannels-  Tied around the waist or worn, one of these is essential in most seasons of the year. And it doesn't matter if they are plain or colourful they still look perfect. Add a plaid or flannel shirt and your outfit might just look better than it did!

Leather Jacket- This is that item of clothing every human should have, whether it's faux leather or real leather it doesn't matter! You will need it!!

Autumn may not be your favourite season but I hope you like this!! xx

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I know it's been a while but a few days ago two of my favourite artists decided to release four songs that made me excited. If you haven't figured out who from the title, you must be.....nevermind! It's Trey and Chris Brown. Tbh, I don't even know where I'm going with this post.. *thinking* The 'mixtape' is typical Trigga+Breezy and also good but again what did I expect 8-|. If you haven't heard it and you a fan what are you doing with your life *jk* but go listen to it. Actually, I think I'm only excited about this because there's going to be a joint tour and I do hope it's worldwide. Bye xx

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Monday, 8 September 2014

20 Facts About Me...

This took a while to complete because I find it hard to write about myself. So here it goes.

  • I'm obsessed with music.
  • I'm a bit of a tomboy.
  • I love tea.
  • I love shoes.... especially sneakers.
  • I'm obsessed with fashion... though nobody knows/believes me.. well I just told y'all..Ooops!
  • I love photography.
  • I'm a TV show addict.
  • I love art.
  • I love being alone...
  • I'm very blunt and sarcastic... and most people find it rude *shrug*
  • I never forget.
  • I'm sort of atychiphobic.
  • I'm a foodie.
  • I have more male friends than females...
  • I love football... and I have been a Manchester United fan since i was 5.
  • I love writing.
  • I have never read a novel in my life.. but I plan on trying it again.
  • I haven't had an injection in 16 years and counting.
  • I love maths.. hence why I'm studying Engineering.
  • I'm a dreamer!!

After soo much struggle I finally did it.. Enjoy! xx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Albums of the Year(SO FAR)!!

Hello, this year has been a good year for music(to me at least) and as a music lover I have been obsessing over certain albums and singles. I'm someone who listens to more of rap/hip hop but I do love genres like rnb/soul, pop and soft rock. These are a few of albums I have listened to constantly since they came out:

 1.  X(Multiply) - Ed Sheeran 

This album is probably my most played album this year. It is that kind of album that you don't skip a track and can be played on constant repeat without getting tired of the beats, lyrics or voice. Again this isn't a surprise because Ed has always been a spectacular artist and this is My Album Of The Year.

2.  Trigga - Trey Songz

I have been a Trey fan since the days of Trey day. I fell in love with the song 'Can't help but wait' and I have listened to every single song and album. Yes I know all girls are in love with Trey but for me he still remains the only celebrity I have ever crushed on..haha! Like every other Trey album Trigga is an amazing album and I have been listening to it all summer.

3.  Testimony - August Alsina

I will be honest I found out about August late but like the saying goes 'Better late than never', right? He has an amazing voice and I can see him in the league of Trey and CB. This album is lyrically good and I love how he tries to tell stories in his songs.

4. The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

I was never a fan of the song 'Work' because I felt it was overplayed when it came out, in other words I wasn't bothered about who Iggy was. The New Classic came out and I became a fan. I think I love every song on it(including Work). Iggy may be Aussie but she flows black.

5. In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith

I remember hearing this album and saying it was depressing af but a few plays I guess I would say it grew on me and I fell in love with it. Sam has one of the best voice I have heard and I can't wait for more songs and features.

6. Last Winter - Bas
Being a lover of Jermaine I tend to like the Dreamville artists. I remember finding out about Bas when I went for a J Cole concert in December 2013 and he persuaded us to download his mixtape called 'Quarter Water Raised Me: Vol 2' and I loved it. Last Winter came out and well I loved the songs even though most people say all the songs sound the same(I disagree).  Maybe I like his because of J cole but either way I think he's good lyrically.

7.  My Everything - Ariana Grande

I don't know if it is just me but Ariana's voice is amazing. She's better vocally that most artists that people are obsessed with. Her first album 'Yours Truly' was perfection so I had high expectations for this and she matched it. It's lyrically good and well as expected vocally amazing.

Well that's a  few of the Albums i have been loving. i listening to some right now like Blacc Hollywood but i have no opinion yet. Also i can't wait for some that are yet to be out like Jhené's Souled Out, Tinashe's Aquarius,Chris Brown's X and possibly more good artists i can't remember at the moment. So i guess there might be a part 2. :) xx
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Monday, 18 August 2014

A Fun Day!!!

Hello, it's been long I posted anything. A few months ago I did something I never thought I would ever do... I went for a photoshoot! Some would say well that's a normal thing, but for me it was new. I'm someone who rarely takes selfies or pose for a picture rather i prefer unexpected photos (because they look nicer!). I usually choose to be the photographer when a group photo is happening amongst my friends but recently I decided to give myself a chance to be the model not the photographer. I think this happened because many times in my life I have met strangers that have told me to become a model or asked me if I was one already.

Years and months after such encounters I decided to take a risk and go for it. I got a photoshoot at a studio in London and had soo much fun. From a girl who rarely wears make-up or has styled hair  to one with a full face of make-up and styled hair. I do plan on taking more risks since this turned out to be a great experience.  I had three different faces of make-up to go with three hair styles. Here are some of the pictures: