Sunday, 7 September 2014

Albums of the Year(SO FAR)!!

Hello, this year has been a good year for music(to me at least) and as a music lover I have been obsessing over certain albums and singles. I'm someone who listens to more of rap/hip hop but I do love genres like rnb/soul, pop and soft rock. These are a few of albums I have listened to constantly since they came out:

 1.  X(Multiply) - Ed Sheeran 

This album is probably my most played album this year. It is that kind of album that you don't skip a track and can be played on constant repeat without getting tired of the beats, lyrics or voice. Again this isn't a surprise because Ed has always been a spectacular artist and this is My Album Of The Year.

2.  Trigga - Trey Songz

I have been a Trey fan since the days of Trey day. I fell in love with the song 'Can't help but wait' and I have listened to every single song and album. Yes I know all girls are in love with Trey but for me he still remains the only celebrity I have ever crushed on..haha! Like every other Trey album Trigga is an amazing album and I have been listening to it all summer.

3.  Testimony - August Alsina

I will be honest I found out about August late but like the saying goes 'Better late than never', right? He has an amazing voice and I can see him in the league of Trey and CB. This album is lyrically good and I love how he tries to tell stories in his songs.

4. The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

I was never a fan of the song 'Work' because I felt it was overplayed when it came out, in other words I wasn't bothered about who Iggy was. The New Classic came out and I became a fan. I think I love every song on it(including Work). Iggy may be Aussie but she flows black.

5. In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith

I remember hearing this album and saying it was depressing af but a few plays I guess I would say it grew on me and I fell in love with it. Sam has one of the best voice I have heard and I can't wait for more songs and features.

6. Last Winter - Bas
Being a lover of Jermaine I tend to like the Dreamville artists. I remember finding out about Bas when I went for a J Cole concert in December 2013 and he persuaded us to download his mixtape called 'Quarter Water Raised Me: Vol 2' and I loved it. Last Winter came out and well I loved the songs even though most people say all the songs sound the same(I disagree).  Maybe I like his because of J cole but either way I think he's good lyrically.

7.  My Everything - Ariana Grande

I don't know if it is just me but Ariana's voice is amazing. She's better vocally that most artists that people are obsessed with. Her first album 'Yours Truly' was perfection so I had high expectations for this and she matched it. It's lyrically good and well as expected vocally amazing.

Well that's a  few of the Albums i have been loving. i listening to some right now like Blacc Hollywood but i have no opinion yet. Also i can't wait for some that are yet to be out like Jhen√©'s Souled Out, Tinashe's Aquarius,Chris Brown's X and possibly more good artists i can't remember at the moment. So i guess there might be a part 2. :) xx
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