Wednesday, 17 June 2015

2015: Albums of the Year!!

Sometime last year I wrote two posts about the albums I was enjoying (1 & 2), people seemed to like them so I have decided to do that again. So here are the albums I have been enjoying from the first half of the year:


If You Are Reading This It's Too Late - Drake
  I have always been a Drake fan since 'So Far Gone'. I can say he has been one of the most consistent artists except I hated his last album 'Nothing was the Same' and hated this at the beginning. This album/mixtape may not be his best but it has a feel of both 'Thank me later' and 'Take Care'. I'm looking forward to new music from him because even if I am disappointed with the full album like NWTS I will find at least 3 or more songs I will enjoy.

Dark Sky Paradise - Big Sean
From the song 'My Last', I became a fan. Like I do with most rappers I hated his last album. I was a bit skeptical with the outcome of this one but now it's safe to say it is possibly his best work so far. I can't pick a favourite song but 'I Know ft Jhené Aiko' and 'One Man Can Change The World ft Kanye & John Legend' are my most played.

The Album about nothing -Wale
Wale is one of the most lyrical artists in the game and as expected this album is lyrically up to par although 'The Gifted' was just an ok album. To me this is the second best work from him, 'Attention Deficit' being the first. 'The Pessimist ft J Cole' is my favourite song on it, maybe it is because Jermaine is on the hook or maybe it's just that good.

Ludaversal - Ludacris
Ludacris hasn't done music in a while, I actually forgot he was a rapper. This album sounds like typical Luda lyricism, in other words it is good. 

Pop + RnB

Non-Fiction - Ne-Yo
Ne-Yo is probably one of the greatest song writers of our time, so as expected it was lyrically good. The album sounds like all his past albums and even though this had different personas and sounds it is still an album you can play non stop from the first track to the end.

Jackie - Ciara
Ciara hasn't been the most consistent artist in the music industry but as someone who has been a day one fan I love this album. The album is emotional and also has a touch of the dancer in her. 'I Bet' is probably the best song on the album, hopefully someday she will be as consistent but either way I will still be a fan.

Empire: Original Soundtrack From Season 1
The tv show is possibly the best show I have watched this year and I'm excited fore season 2. This album had good songs that I have been loving, maybe because the songs are a Timbaland production or maybe it's just the idea of having a music based show that isn't 'Glee'. If you love music watch the show and you may enjoy the music, and rumour has it season 2 has Ne-Yo so that means more lyrics.

You Should Be Here - Kehlani
I found out about Kehlani recently and I have to say I am impressed. The album is quite emotional and has good lyrics. Normally I don't really like emotional albums but I have to say I haven't stopped listening to this album. She has good vocals and I look forward to getting new music from here.

The first half of the year hasn't really had that much music but I'm excited for the second half after all "Music is what feelings sound like." 

What albums have you been loving so far??

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