Saturday, 22 August 2015

Who are you?

It's a common theme for people to wonder "who they really are?" & "How do they find  themselves?" I think the real question is "Do we ever find our complete self or do we just figure it out bit by bit and go with the flow?" I honestly can't say I have found the complete me but here are a few ways you could try to figure out who you are which are helping me:

  • Figure out what you want to do, your goals, I mean. You could write them down and put them up on your wall and chase those dreams and never give up on them.
  • Move on from the past, it's now a memory and hopefully a lesson which will guide you positively in future.
  • Learn to ignore people's opinions, like I always tell myself it's your life do what you want, live the life you dream of, your happiness matters more than anything.
  • Learn to rely on yourself rather than on others to avoid being let down.
  • Know your self-worth.
  • Give yourself as many chances as you need, no one is above mistakes.
  • Know the people around you and figure out who's worth your time.
  • Organise your life.
  • Find your passion and make it a reality. Whatever your passion is, no matter what people think of it doesn't matter.
  • Love yourself enough, if you do you wouldn't need the acknowledgment of another person.
  • Be as realistic and optimistic as you can be.
  • Remember that not everything is going the run smoothly, you might have bumps along the way and thats normal.
  • Be Patient
  • Do you!!
"When you look in the mirror and see who you want to be or like who you have become, then you have found yourself; all that's left now is the better you!!"


  1. Nice post, love it :) Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  2. This is such amazing tips to live life to the fullest
    Lovin it

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  3. I love the vibe of this post, it makes me want to go out and follow my dreams hahaha. I really like this kind of things that make you think and have this possitive message.
    Have an amazing day! xx

    1. You should go out and chase those dreams.. they are worth it! xx

  4. Very inspirational post!

  5. Love this!

  6. Such great advice. I think it’s important to know who to keep in your life & who you can do without. You can’t please everyone so you might as well start with making your self happy!


  7. wise and inspiring words!! :)