Saturday, 5 September 2015

Fashion must haves!

When building a wardrobe you need a few key items especially for days we feel "I have nothing to wear". These are some items I personally think every girl should have in her wardrobe!

Plain T-shirt - This will solve your issue of "what should I wear?" especially when you are in a rush. The best part of it being plain is that it goes with everything!

Dressy T-shirts - Somedays when you decide to look classy, you will need a tee with some type of design or print to achieve the right look.

LBD - On days where you want to go out to a party or a dressy event, a little black dress with statement accessories will do the trick.

Black pants - Great comfort and they go with any outfit.

Faux Leather/Leather Jacket - This simply makes an outfit look better whether a dressy or a simple plain outfit.

White Shirt & Silky Shirt - Shirts could serve both for formal wear or just a chic look.

Dressy Jacket - Makes a simple outfit look fabulous.

Dress down Sneakers - Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes ever and can go with almost every outfit, so why not invest in a pair of converses or something equally simple.

Pumps - Essential for night outs or just days you feel like being dressy.

Skinny jeans - Rather than sweats, jeans give your outfit a chic look just make sure you find a comfortable pair.

Crewneck Sweater - Worn with a shirt underneath or alone, it give a simple to formal look depending on the occasion. Also it is cozy!

Cross-body bag - Rather than carrying a big bag all the time, a nice cross-body bag comes in handy.

Menswear inspired watch - Personally I don't wear watches with a small face, menswear inspired watches add more statement and with it worn you may not need a bracelet!

Ankle Boots- Fits perfect with a casual look.

Comfortable flats - Perfect shoes for summer to class or just going out and about during the day. Could be ballet flats, slippers, loafers, oxfords or whatever else you prefer.

Vibrant Scarf -Adds a color and distracts from simplicity of outfit especially for someone who wears a lot of black like me!

Coat - depending on the weather, coats could add an effortless classy look to your outfit; especially a trench.

Statement Blazer - Could be worn to class or a presentation or even on a night out with friends.

Flannel - Makes outfit look effortlessly chic and comfortable when worn  unbuttoned with a tee underneath or tied around the waist!

Denim Shirt & Jacket - This is one item that never goes out of style and can be worn with anything to give it an edgy-isn look.

Opaque Black Leggings - A perfect substitute for days when you don't feel like wearing a pair of jeans.

Sweatpants - Probably the most comfortable item you could own. It could be paired with a nice plain top and a jacket to go out or it could just serve as a cozy outfit for lazy days and netflix days.

Statement Jewellery - When wearing plain outfits in particular it is necessary to have an accessory that will distract from the simplicity of the outfit.

"Dressing well is a form of good manners." 
Tom Ford

What are you wardrobe essentials?