Sunday, 8 January 2017

Put You First!!

At the turn of the year as with previous years, it is expected that we will hear about New Year’s resolutions and people changing to improve themselves and so on.
From a non-judgmental standpoint, this year I believe self-focus and self-love should be the theme for everyone. Take a step back and enjoy life. It is acceptable to be selfish once in a while. You alone are responsible for your happiness. Life may throw us curveballs but it is up to us to ensure that we are comfortable and don’t just accept disappointments. 

We ALWAYS have a choice in life and often, we find ourselves prioritizing money (job) over things which genuinely bring us happiness. Sometimes, we even prioritize these things over our own health.

Goals and aspirations come into play as well regarding personal happiness as sometimes our goals overlap between happiness/money so it causes an internal battle.

The first priority should always be your health. Take care of your body and mind. Good diets, rest and exercise.
Secondly, spend time with your loved ones and friends.
Thirdly, I would suggest to everyone that they should partake in heartwarming activities which bring happiness. Travel more, go on trips with loved ones and take part in loving activities.
Sometimes external things need to take the back seat in order to please yourself. Selfishness is sometimes worth it. 

At the end of this all, I think that we should ensure that we know what makes us happy to allow us to have prosperous and joyful 2017.